I've been on a mission since day one. I want to deliver you honest, affordable, quality care. Let me tell you what that means to me.

You're going to get sound communication and decision making about your condition and treatment based on scientific research and my clinical training and experience. I don't treat conditions I shouldn't be treating or offer solutions to problems that don't follow logic or have not shown some promise in research. I keep the focus of my treatment on alleviating and correcting problems with your nervous, muscular, and skeletal system so you can move well and have a pain-free existence - simple as that.

You're going to get great value at my clinic. Health care has been getting too expensive too fast, and visit times are laughable now. I keep my fees reasonable not because I don't deserve more, but because I want to be part of the health care solution. My goal is to get you better as quickly as possible or help you maintain your wellness with the least visits possible by doing more for you. If you're looking for a 5-minute chiropractor in Kirkland, I'm not going to be for you. I don't use fear tactics or contracts to obligate you for more care than you need and I will never compromise my principles and your free-will for the sake of profit. 


Expect 110% heart and effort from me. I want you to feel how committed I am to getting you better. I treat you as if you are my own family. That's why I work harder and stay sharp so I can deliver you 5-star care. I strive to exceed your expectations every single day. My patients choose me because my care is unique in that I take an "open-source" approach which draws from chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy to deliver you balanced and comprehensive treatment so you don't need to run around to multiple providers. I study many ideas, systems, and experts so I can find a way to help you as research has shown again and again that there is more than one way to effectively help patients. Every body is different, as should every treatment approach be. 


Elizabeth is Licensed, NCBTMB Board Certified Massage Therapist. She values open communication; carefully and compassionately listening to each client and creating a care plan to achieve their needs. Combined with her clinical education, she has a collaborative approach of reaching the specific goals of her clients in order to provide a thorough, therapeutic and effective massage. Her style combines postural analysis with deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and assisted stretching.

She also enjoys incorporating complementary therapies like Gua Sha, cupping, reflexology, Reiki, and aromatherapy into her sessions to provide a customized experience in each treatment. Elizabeth has a passion for educating her clients as well, providing suggestions on home care techniques to assist in increased stability, mobility and reaching the goal of living without pain.

Elizabeth was introduced to massage while recovering from multiple fractures sustained in a snowboarding injury when she was 20 years old. Through her recovery, she experienced the profound physical and emotional effects that massage can have, both through the healing process and by providing stress relief. Her work can benefit all bodies- from prenatal clients, to athletes, to chronic pain and migraine sufferers, to the every day commuter. She fully believes massage is an integral part of a healthy body and mind. In her off time, Elizabeth enjoys yoga, spinning, cooking and exploring the mountains with her spouse and dog.



Originally from Southern California, Susan has acclimated herself to the Pacific Northwest, after living here for several years now. She has extensive experience and enjoys working with youth activities. When not at the office she coaches youth volleyball and tennis. Susan has a passion for working with people and being able to help them.  In her free time she enjoys being outdoors and particularly enjoys golfing, hiking  and spending time with her family and dogs.  Susan is a big sports enthusiast and is a big Seahawks and Mariners fan.



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