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Lightning Packs HoverGlide Backpack Review

Looking to get out for some bigger and longer hikes but have some knee troubles? Check out my latest product review for the HoverGlide Tactical floating backpack which may help reduce some knee discomfort- especially if you carry items for a hike.

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1 commentaire

AnTheRay RelaxTherapy
AnTheRay RelaxTherapy
09 mai 2023

Don’t even think of ordering anything from these scammers. I’ve been contacting both hoverglide and indiegogo for over a year now and have only received excuses until now. Now they don’t even want to contact me in any of the ways I tried to contact them (e-mail, direct indiegogo and hoverglide and hoverglide via indiegogo). I spent $779 on a large backpack. I even offered them that if they didn’t have a large model, I would take a smaller model. Real shame that these companies are so rude.

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