You know what you pay when you go shopping at the store. Why isn't health care clear cut like that? We believe in fee transparency so there are no questions about how much your care will cost before and after your appointment. That's right, no BS here.

Chiropractic Appointments

New Patient History & Exam - $75

Every new patient will require an initial history and physical exam prior to beginning treatment. After your examination, the doctor will discuss your condition and the visits best suited for your case and begin treatment. Expect an hour to an hour and a half for your first appointment.

Chiropractic+ Visit - $100

This visit is approximately 50 minutes to 1-Hr and recommended to those who:

  • Have multiple or complex issues requiring treatment beyond chiropractic adjustments

  • Had chiropractic before, but need treatment with a more extensive approach

  • Want to develop strategies to self-treat their issues

  • Want better long-term results

Chiropractic Visit - $50

This visit is approximately 20 minutes and recommended to those who:

  • Primarily need to have joint discomfort and immobility addressed in the spine and/or extremities

  • Need simple maintenance care for mobility or chronic low level back pain

Massage Appointments

First Time Massage Visit (90 Minutes) - $95

With every new client we take the time to do an extensive intake and to allow time for a 60 Full Minute Session. We collaborate with the patient to customize a treatment plan addressing pain, mobility, and/or to provide general relaxation and stress reduction using a variety of massage techniques.

60 Full Minutes Session - $95

Our basic visit for area specific focus or relaxation work. 

90 Full Minutes Session - $125

Excellent care can't be rushed. This is our most popular visit because it allows for extensive and detailed work. We work with you to customize your visit with the use of multiple techniques (stretching, cupping, instruments) in addition to traditional deep tissue and Swedish massage.

120 Full Minutes Session - $145

The ultimate massage for those needing complete and detailed head-to-toe body work. 

Massage Rewards Program
For those who like to receive massages frequently, we have an awesome and easy massage rewards program that requires no work on your part. Just ask us in person!

Patients are responsible for the costs of their care at time of service. We are an out-of-network provider and do not directly bill any insurance company with the exception of Auto Injury/PIP cases. This allows us to develop and deliver better care without restrictions. Most insurance companies do provide some coverage for out-of-network care. You have the ability to submit your claim to the insurance company by mail. Learn how here. You may also use your HSA and FSA benefits to pay for your care, but conditions may apply. Please review our office policies before you book to be sure you understand our financial and appointment policies. Our fees are effective as of 09/01/2020 and are subject to change without notice.



You will receive appointment reminders by text or email before your appointment. If possible, please arrive a few minutes early for your first visit as you will have some initial paperwork to fill out and it will help us stay on time. If you like, you may also download (desktop only) and print the forms below to fill them out ahead of time.


While not necessary, it helps to come in loose and comfortable clothes for chiropractic appointments. Sports tops are usually recommended for women with back and shoulder issues as it allows access to those areas while maintaining your comfort and modesty. 


The following are our intake forms for you to print and fill out at your convenience if you would like to save a few minutes. You may also complete them in the office as well.

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